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Football Love Nation NFT

Celebrate the world's festival of football with football-themed NFTs!

The World Cup’s almost here! Score goals to grab a FREE NFT 🙌

We’ve teamed up with gifted artists from Malaysia & Bangladesh to release 500 exclusive NFTs and stand a chance to win World Cup 22 merchandise ⚽🤩

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Meet the artists

Discover the gifted talents behind our series of limited-edition NFTs.

In a special collaboration between Malaysia and Bangladesh, Axiata Game Hero - Football Edition will be releasing 500 unique NFTs featuring digital artwork by artists in Malaysia and Bangladesh, celebrating the beautiful game through the lens of different cultures.

Navid F Rahman


From comics to animated videos, Bangladeshi-born Canadian artist Navid F Rahman has done it all. Since settling down in Toronto, Navid has been occupied with concept-writing and world-building for original stories and graphic novels, alongside his career as a business sales consultant and studying UX/UI Design at the University of Toronto.

Emila Yusof


Born in Raub, Pahang in Malaysia, Emila started out in 1995 as a broadcast graphic artist and has been making her mark as a picture book illustrator and fine artist since 2007. Working in both traditional media and digital techniques, her artwork vividly portrays women, girls, and landscapes and she has been featured in various local and international exhibitions.

Axiata Game Hero - Football Edition

Axiata Game Hero is a tournament by Axiata Group for its 6 operating companies in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Axiata Game Hero 2022 offers an immersive football themed tournament with a total prize pool of US$80,000, featuring three different game tracks which are Konami's eFootball, Football Arcade Challenge and Team Manager.

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