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M1NTED Confest

Malaysia's First NFT Conference / Festival


M1NTED Week, the Malaysia First NFT Confest. This is not your ordinary conference but a combination of festival and conference that will bring you a dozen speakers, key leaders, and leaders in the NFT World.

M1NTED Week is a full-on seven days event with Pop-up events around Kuala Lumpur for the first five days (22 - 26 August 2022) and the main confest during the weekend (27 - 28 August 2022). You will have exciting activations, networking areas, and interesting topics to explore.

The pop-up events are happening in multiple exciting locations: Lot 10 Rooftop, Kedai KL, Battle Arena, FONO KL, and Tiffin at the Yard. The final two days of the conference will take place at KLPAC and Tiffin at the Yard. You can expect multiple pillars relatable to the NFT across the different host venues, namely Art on Day 1, Fashion on Day 2, Music on Day 3, Gaming on Day 4, and F&B on Day 5. Some topics that will be discussed include: "A New Era of Local Artists - Pt. I"; :The Future of Fashion: NFTs and the Metaverse"; and "What are Non-Fungible Tokens: How They Can Revolutionize and Reshape the F&B Industry.""

You might be excited to know that while all these topics are being presented, a bunch of other activations is happening simultaneously, such as the NFT Museum and NFT Artist Village (Day 1), Merch DIY Station (Day 2), Minted Cosplay (Day 3), Vinyl Record Display (Day 4), and TIFF-in(Day 5). You will meet the artists behind each NFT collection and learn more about their unique collections and projects.

On the final two conference days, there will be panel discussions and keynote speeches such as Legacy: NFT and Token as Inheritance; Incorporating Collaboration, Shared Ownership in NFT Music; Owning a Property in the Metaverse; A New Era of Local Artists Pt. I; The Future of Web3 Gaming; Crypto 101: To Hold Or To Flip?; Screw Spotify; Censorship and Community Governance; and NFT: Halal or Haram, among others.

If you wish to learn more about M1NTED Confest, visit the official M1NTED website for more details here.

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