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This NFT photography collection contains work from different genres like portraiture, landscape, conceptual, urban, street, minimalist, architecture, underwater, and mobilegraphy. One of the unique things about this collection is it depicts the beauty of Malaysia, highlighting the precious Malaysian moments captured and curated through both their creativity and crafts. Malaysia's vibrant moments and scenery can be found in their photographs, such as Naj Shukor, Faliq Fahmie, Hambali Asri, and many more.

In November 2021, #NFTphotographyMY community was established by Azizi Musa to support local photographers in getting into the NFT scene. The main objective of this community is to share knowledge and ideas in bringing up the photography scene in Malaysia, especially with the adoption of blockchain technology. #NFTphotographyMY will also host exciting future events such as NFT introduction classes, photo walks, photography sharing sessions, and NFT photography exhibitions. Stay tuned!


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