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Red Giants Non-Fungible Collections

First ever Selangor FC NFTs in the club's history


In line with the digitalization era, we believe this initiative will connect the supporters and the club even further. This is part of the club’s mission, which is to continuously provide more value and bring interesting experience to our 12th player.

RGNFC stands for Red Giants Non-Fungible Collections or commonly known as NFT. These are digital collectibles and memorabilias of Selangor FC that are stored and registered in the blockchain.

Here Selangor FC would like to extend the opportunity for our supporters to own the club's NFTs. Owners of these digital assets will also enjoy their own unique perks and benefits as we grow the community together.


"We progress as we explore new possibilities, and the digital world out here is full of new ideas that presents us with endless opportunities.

As a football club, we see the NFTs as the future for sports collectibles and fan memorabilia.

With the introduction of these first ever Selangor FC NFTs in the club's history, I believe it is the next step to establish our presence in the digital space.

This is the future and we are here to connect our 12th player with Selangor's legacy."

- DYTM Tengku Amir Shah, Raja Muda Selangor


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