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‘arts for ART’ Campaign

Cryptonate is the world’s first NFT fundraising project for ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) in collaboration with Pentas.io. It aims to raise funds to support medical procedures such as IVF, ICSI etc. for poor and needy infertile couples via Tunku Azizah Fertility Foundation (TAFF). The foundation was founded by Her Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda The Raja Permaisuri Agong, Tunku Hajah Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah, following her own experience with IVF treatment.

This project is conducted by post-graduate MBA students from UKM-Graduate School of Business by collaborating with 12 extraordinary Malaysian artists from 12 different art genres. Each of them are virtuosos of their own style and expertise to come up with one exclusive collection. Some of them are profound in the NFT world, some of which have gained fame featuring their art in exhibitions around the world and even some with prior high-profile collectors. This line-up is going to be epic. Make sure to stay out for some ‘genesis’ drops in this event!

This campaign is dubbed as ‘arts for ART’, which illustrates a series of 12 emotions depicted via fine arts on the emotional roller coaster experienced by childless couples throughout their journey to conceive a child. Each of these emotions is captured and expressed as an NFT artwork by the artist in their very own style and interpretation.


“Her Majesty the Queen went through 10 years persevering through 16 fertility treatments with six miscarriages and stillborn in an effort to get a child – Dato’ Hamimah A. Karim”


“Each of the masterpieces, when arranged in a sequence, forms a storyline. One of which can never be present without the other”.

“I can genuinely relate to these emotions throughout my journey to conceive a child - Tunku Azizah; Her Majesty the Queen”

This exclusive collection has gained tremendous attention from almost all mass media since its inception. Most importantly, what makes this collection highly valuable is the involvement of Her Majesty the Queen in supporting the use of NFT arts to express social awareness and raise funds for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).It is one of a kind collection in the world. This collection of fine arts will be available from 23rd January 2022 onwards for grabs. The official auction and ending of the campaign is 29th January 2022 (5:00 pm GMT+8)


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