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An engineer and self-taught artist, who in the early days paid no heed to arts. Little did he know he has immense talent in drawing detailed arts. However, things changed and inspired by successful artists, began to draw in 2012. He is known for his extremely detailed works and sometimes his bold use of gold colour. It became a theme, an identity for his works. Inspired by great artists like Yusuf Gajah, Emilia Yusuf, Kim Jung Gi, James Jean and many more, his whimsical and intricate illustrations can be attributed to the many local folklore storybooks his father had given him when he was a child. He found out that drawing is one of the best methods to express abstracts in human emotion as compared to writings (another medium he enjoys as well). Within the many details of his work, each element holds a hidden meaning for the audience to discover, he uses many floral motifs patterns inspired from Malays culture, and therefore, Sanuri openly invites viewers to self-interpret his artworks.

Terrapuri, The Land of Palaces by Sanuri

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Hari Sarong 21

Hari Sarong 21

Celebrating the big debut of our talents in the NFT world; we are presenting our very first #malaysiadaydrop in conjunction with #harisarong21, a collaboration of @pentas_io @SketchnationM1 @nfxt_io @locco_my and Rumah Tangsi! The event is also supported by MyCreative, PRISMA and Cendana.

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