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Painter . Illustrator . Comic artist

Born in 1983, Zid is a multidisciplinary artist who switches hats from drawing comics to painting on both digital and traditional surfaces. Zid is a byproduct of a time where digital media was struggling to find its place in the art landscape while he was studying. Thus he is always converging two opposing ideas together to compliment one another: Traditional values in contemporary times, old ideals and new practices coming together, digital media mimicking real media, and vice versa. A believer that absolute truths are best captured by indirect methods, he utilizes symbolic imagery to convey his thoughts on issues he wants to address. Zid’s passion in storytelling from drawing comics is also apparent in the narrative elements in his single-piece illustrations.

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Hari Sarong 21

Hari Sarong 21

Celebrating the big debut of our talents in the NFT world; we are presenting our very first #malaysiadaydrop in conjunction with #harisarong21, a collaboration of @pentas_io @SketchnationM1 @nfxt_io @locco_my and Rumah Tangsi! The event is also supported by MyCreative, PRISMA and Cendana.

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