#EMPATBELAS - 14 States, 14 Designers. Read more.


Yani Yuhana

Visual artist

Yani Yuhana is from Kota Tinggi, Johor. She is a mother of two kids and has worked in the academic field for over 14 years as a lecturer. In her spare time, she produces traditional paintings and doodles with vibrant colours inspired by Malaysian culture.

Due to the Covid pandemic and her responsibilities as a mother, she had to quit her full-time job as an educator. But this gave her much more time to work on her true passion, which are painting and doodling.

She started doodling in July and decided to join Pentas in early 2022 with the inspiration of sharing her work with others. After receiving warm encouragement and support from the community, she became keen to further her knowledge and explore digital art.

Yani hopes to have her own gallery in the future. In order to give doodles a special position in the eyes of art enthusiasts, she has been pushing doodle art. She intends to incorporate watercolour painting and doodles into her forthcoming collections.

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#EMPATBELAS - 14 States, 14 Designers
#EMPATBELAS - 14 States, 14 Designers

The #EMPATBELAS Setem Ku folder set is a collaboration between Pos Malaysia and APOM, in conjunction with Malaysia Day 2022. Featuring 14 designers from 14 states, each stamp is proudly designed by an artist representing each state in Malaysia

Pentasian Outdoor NFT Theme
Pentasian Outdoor NFT Theme

The Pentas team would like to thank @diseasedmindd for suggesting a creative idea for our monthly theme!. Artists and creators who use #PentasianOutdoor in their artwork will be featured on this special page for September.

Merdeka Ke-65
Merdeka Ke-65

A better Malaysia begins with all of us. You and me. Despite all the differences we have among us, or dissenting views, we are still one. United, undivided and unified on this blessed soiled that we call home.

M1NTED Confest. Malaysia's First NFT Conference
M1NTED Confest. Malaysia's First NFT Conference

M1NTED Week, the Malaysia First NFT Confest. This is not your ordinary conference but a combination of festival and conference that will bring you a dozen speakers, key leaders, and leaders in the NFT World.

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