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Unleashing Creative Potential with RM 4 Million Fund
Unleashing Creative Potential with RM 4 Million Fund

Step into a pioneering era for Malaysia's digital content sector. Pentas, in a groundbreaking partnership with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), is thrilled to unveil a bold initiative, inviting submissions that herald a new wave of creativity.

TMn (The Maman NFT Project) NFT Airdrop Campaign
TMn (The Maman NFT Project) NFT Airdrop Campaign

Get ready to rock the metaverse with Maman's TMn NFT, the first of its kind in Malaysia. Maman will take you to the world of NFTs and all the way into the Metaverse.

Pentas Eid NFT Contest
Pentas Eid NFT Contest

As Hari Raya Aidilfitri / Eid approaches, we wish for nothing but happiness and prosperity for all. May this blessed occasion fill your heart and home with love, joy, and peace.

32nd Malaysia Film Festival (FFM-32)
32nd Malaysia Film Festival (FFM-32)

The Malaysia Film Festival is an annual event celebrated nationwide with the goal of recognizing and appreciating the brilliance of our proud nation’s film industry.


Maman Teacher's Pet

Singer . Composer . Songwriter . Futurist

The Maman (TMn) project is the brainchild of Maman, an iconic figure in the Malaysian music scene known for his role in the 90's band Teacher's Pet.

Throughout his tumultuous musical journey, Maman has earned a reputation for his talent, masculine vocals, and rebellious attitude. As the lead singer of Teacher's Pet, he was easily recognizable with his dishevelled, wind-tousled hair and signature leather jacket.

His band achieved great success, churning out hit singles such as “Warisan Wanita Terakhir”, “Kasih Ku Pinjam WajahMu” and “Layar Lara”, amassing a devoted fanbase along the way. The popularity of his songs spanned a generation and have become rock staples in Malaysia and beyond.

In the entertainment world, Maman stands apart with his quiet dignity. He has always kept himself at a slight remove from the glitz and glamour, maintaining his authenticity and artistic integrity. He remains unique.

His comeback album "AKU" serves as the catalyst for TMn, a project that Maman wrote during the depths of the Covid-19 lockdown and fresh from a personal tragedy. Isolated from loved ones, he poured his emotions into his music, transforming his experiences into hits such as "Rahsia", "Kejauhan", "Lafazkan", "Ibu", and the new rendition of "Warisan Wanita Terakhir".

Reflecting on his 30-year journey as a composer, singer, and actor, Maman empathises with the struggles that artists face in maintaining relevance in an ever-changing landscape. With a vision to bring Malaysian rock music into the realm of Web3 and the metaverse, Maman is on a mission to revolutionize the local music industry through his multifaceted music label, Meta Music Xtreme (MMX), as a platform designed to empower Malaysian Rock musicians.

By embracing blockchain technology, TMn enables musicians to break free from traditional constraints. Maman envisions a world where musicians are not bullied by record labels and broadcasters, enabling them to connect directly with their audiences and maintain creative control. Maman hopes TMn will open the doors for Malaysian rockers to venture into the metaverse.

Beyond the music itself, TMn seeks to construct MyRockers, a community supporting TMn. MyRockers is a social ecosystem that will consist of the a community and supporting business partners.

By combining the metaverse with real-world settings, Maman will directly engage and entertain his community. The story of TMn is not just about music; it's a testament to the transformative power of blockchain technology and the potential for artists to forge their own paths.

TMn intends to take Malaysian Musics NFTs to the next level with a rollout of multi-phases project that envisions a migration of its community to the metaverse, ultimately.

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