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32nd Malaysia Film Festival (FFM-32)

Festival Filem Malaysia ke-32 - “Filem Kita ,Citra Kita”


The Malaysia Film Festival is an annual event celebrated nationwide with the goal of recognizing and appreciating the brilliance of our proud nation’s film industry.

Organized by the government through FINAS, the festival started in 1980 with a variety of programs, including prominent award ceremonies and film highlights. These were introduced to empower the industry's creators and raise their professionalism.


  • Recognize and celebrate the excellence of the country's film industry.
  • Strengthen the network and strategic cooperation between the government and the industry by implementing programs that raise the professionalism of the country's film industry activists.
  • Efforts to culture cinema to the community through quality works and create a support system for the empowerment of the industry.

FFM-32 Trophy

The trophy is intricately designed with fine detail. The film strip at the top of the award is the symbolic logo of Malaysia Film Festival (FFM-32). The sleek body of the trophy is plated in gold and manifests the unity of the local film and art industries. Leaf patterns and film strips spiraling from the base acknowledge the historic journey of our nation’s film industry from humble beginnings. The foundation of the trophy is the shape of a film case, cementing the role of FINAS in preserving the Malaysian film culture.

ffm trophy

FFM-32 Awards

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