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Belangsukawa Orkibal


Azhar Osman or Orkibal, who got his unique moniker from the British dance group Orbital, was a self-taught artist who started with doodle art and murals, which showcased a world of happy-sad creatures, monsters and an exploding colour palette.

Inspired by pop culture, indie US comics artists and global street art, the Selangor-based artist-graphic designer had a prolific and ever-evolving career that spanned more than 20 years. Sadly, he left us on 17 Mac 2022.

"I aimed to see how the public would react to my work. But back then, I was still afraid that people may not be able to accept my work so I did it at night. The next day, I went back to the location and spent half an hour there to look at how people reacted to it,"

Orkibal - 2015

In memory of Orkibal, each artwork purchase comes with a physical watch for the first buyer. We will donate the sales collected from this campaign to his family.


Good night Ork - Artwist

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