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For I dipped into the future, far as human eye could see, Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be. - Alfred Lord Tennyson

Volkswagen is pleased to present Accelerated Futurescapes, a groundbreaking exhibition of NFT art presented in a virtual gallery, curated by Filamen in collaboration with No-to-scale*. Inspired by the Volkswagen Arteon R-Line, Accelerated Futurescapes offers a digital exploration of the relationship between the car and imagined spatial futures, oscillating between abstract and fictional imagery.

The exhibition features unique NFT artworks by Jason Choo and Syed Muhammad, whose work together presents an otherworldly take on the Arteon R-Line, conjuring up visions of the future inspired by the car. Taking cues from Arteon's design profile to the sounds of its engine, the artists took these features and pushed them even further in creating their artworks.


Syed's work revolves around the themes of 'energy' and 'motion', manifested into an oscillating landscape of particles that ebbs and flows. Though digital, it mirrors natural phenomena such as waves on the ocean surface —mesmerising pieces that hint at poetics within an unseen technological framework. Where Syed's work is more concerned with abstracted notions of unseen forces at play, Jason, on the other hand, deals with fictional imagery. His interest lies in spatially visualising the performative aspects of the car, and his work imagines worlds in which we can inhabit. Using themes such as 'life' and 'flight' to represent Arteon's intangible dimensions, Jason's work acts as a mediator between him and the audience, relaying the artist's emotions of experiencing the Arteon.

Both artworks by the artists are distinct visions translated from the Arteon. It exemplifies a car beyond just a vehicle. Fully aware that at the heart of the experience, it is all about expressing human emotions. Accelerated Futurescapes will be live to collectors worldwide in December via Pentas, a leading South East Asia NFT Platform powered by Binance Smart Chain.

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