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WeArePOP: An NFT Event Built by The Community, For The Community

20th Agust 2022, Lightbox Sg Buloh


If you've dabbled in crypto, chances are you've heard of NFTs. It has become a rapidly advancing technology in the recent years, and it appears to be no longer limited to digital arts. Pentas is one of the early Malaysian companies to capitalize on the rise of this technology. Founded by five Malaysians with humble origins, it is currently ranked as the top NFT platform in Southeast Asia, and Pentas has no plans on stopping there.

But it is not the founders alone that brought Pentas to great success, but the community, or as we call them, the People of Pentas (POP).

Happening on this Saturday, 20th August 2022, creators, collectors, artists, writers, DJs, and the people of Pentas will band together to host WeArePOP, a local NFT event like no other. Held at Lightbox Sg Buloh, the one day event will boast a variety of activities, from NFT talks, digital and physical art exhibitions, to treasure hunts, fashion shows, DJ workshops, and the highlight of the festival: Pentas' One Year Journey.

The best part about the event: it's free, and everyone is invited.

"We want to create an event by the community for the community. When we look at other NFT conferences overseas, it only features the top artists who have already built a name for themselves. What we need is a voice for the smaller artists. That is why we're here, to support people who have a passion for creating every day." said RoachPunks, the main host of WeArePOP and a creator who has recently released an NFT project for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. The event is expected to accommodate over 300 participants, with brilliant creators, developers, and builders among the list of attendees.

The venue can be segregated into 3 major sections: a main stage, a networking area, and a virtual gallery. Digital exhibitions will be made available for artists from all backgrounds to feature themselves. Creators and attendees who want to leverage on networking opportunities will have the best chance to do so. Families are encouraged to bring their kids along to explore the potential of NFTs and participate in exciting activities. The goal of this festival is to bring the Malaysian community together to connect, learn, build, and most importantly, have fun!

Twitter https://twitter.com/WeAre_POP.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wearepop.nft/.

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